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International Etiquette and Protocol Aca
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Etiquess Business Class

Suaviter in Business

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Meet Philip Stanhope
 ''When I was of your age, I desired to shine, as far as I was able, in every part of life; and was as attentive to my manners, my air, in company on evenings, as to my books and my tutor in the mornings.  These things are by no means trifles, they are of infinite consequence to those who are to be thrown into the great world and who would make a fortune in it.''



Hi, I'm Lord Chesterfield ...

Am înființat Etiquess Business Class din dorința de a veni in intampinarea profesionistilor ca tine care cred in invatare permanenta si elevare personala, fie că ești la început de drum, fie cauți formula nivelului urmator de succes.

Acest loc iti poate fi inspiratie zilnica sau poti alege unul din cursurile Etiquess adaptat programului si nevoilor tale de reinventare.



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